'RHONY' Star My Co.'s Crappy Manager Cost Me Camera Time & Money

10/22/2015 1:15 PM PDT

'RHONY' Star: My Company's Crappy Manager Cut Back On My Camera Time


'Real Housewives of NY' star Heather Thomson is desperate to give her company's manager the boot after she says he squashed any chances of featuring the brand on 'RHONY.'

Thomson is suing Eric Rothfeld, who manages and owns part of Yummie by Heather Thomson, because she says he refused to allow the show's cameras in their building. In the suit, Heather says Eric's decision hurts their bottom line ... since being on the show would be a great promotional opportunity for Yummie.

She says Eric's killed other media opportunities as well, but since he's part owner of the company ... Heather can't just fire him. She's trying to put a new manager in Rothfeld's position, but he's fighting that.

Heather wants a judge to validate the steps she's already taken to 86 Rothfeld as manager.