George W. Bush Kanye For Prez? That's Pretty Damn Funny

10/29/2015 5:54 PM PDT

George W. Bush: Kanye For President? That's Pretty Damn Funny (VIDEO)


George W. Bush doesn't have as much confidence in Kanye West to lead the free world as President Obama -- or Kanye, for that matter -- in fact, seems pretty comical to him. 

We caught up with the former Prez in D.C. Thursday night to get his reaction to Kanye's early declaration for 2020 ... and his reaction is classic Dub-ya. 

In fairness, it's kind of a loaded question, considering Yeezy and Bush's history -- the whole hating black people thing after Hurricane Katrina.

Fair to say, this is one vote Kanye does NOT have in the bag.