Coco Already a Cool Mom Unborn Baby's First Show

11/2/2015 12:40 AM PST

Coco is Already a Cool Mom ... Takes Unborn Baby to Gwar Show


What to do if you're pregnant and one month from your due date? If you're Coco Austin you screw bed rest, put on a pair of heels and head to a metal show.

Coco picked the most INSANE metal band, Gwar, for her baby's first concert at Knotfest, a metal music festival where Ice's band Body Count also performed.

Check out the video ... Coco gently headbangs to Gwar's "Saddam A Go-Go." We're told she stayed for the entire set ... and she even walk closer to the band when they sprayed the crowd with fake blood.

Horns up, stomach out ... Coco rocks.