Kanye West Yeezys Are for Everyone ... Even 60-Year-Olds!

11/9/2015 8:17 AM PST

Kanye West: Yeezys Are for Everyone ... Even 60-Year-Olds (PHOTO)

Kris Jenner coulda thrown on an AARP windbreaker 2 days after her blowout 60th, but instead opted for a Yeezus tour jacket and a pair of Yeezy boots. Dopest sexagenarian ever!

Kanye West third-wheeled it with Kris and her BF Corey Camble as they hit up a movie theater in Calabasas Sunday afternoon. 

KJ was no doubt still feeling a little hazy in the wake of her epic birthday bash Friday night in Hollywood.

Nothing says "I'm still hungover" like going out in all black ... clothing.