'Operation Repo' Star I Didn't Steal $3,000 ... I Tossed It!!

11/9/2015 6:53 AM PST

'Operation Repo' Star: I Didn't Steal Wallet with $3k ... I Picked It Up and Tossed It


Repo is her game, but Sonia Lopez swears she never intended to steal a wallet filled with $3k -- even though she was clearly busted on camera lifting it.

The "Operation Repo" star was out in Hollywood this weekend, and told us her side of what went down in that drone store. TMZ broke the story ... surveillance cams caught Sonia red-handed knocking over, and then picking up a wallet that had been left on a counter.

Check out Sonia's story -- she cops to taking it, but claims she only had the best intentions.

She's pled not guilty for grand theft ... but we suspect the story she tells here, will NOT float in court.