Patrick Dempsey and Wife Divorce Still On, But ... They're Not Racing to Court

11/10/2015 10:50 AM PST

Patrick Dempsey and Wife: Divorce Still On, but They're Not Racing to Court

Exclusive Details

Patrick Dempsey and his estranged wife have not pulled the plug on their divorce, TMZ has learned, but it seems headed in that direction.

Patrick and Jillian Fink strolled down the streets of Paris in a handlock over the weekend. She filed for divorce in January, and our sources say Patrick has tried since then to repair the relationship.

We're told the big issue between the 2 has been Patrick's passion for racing cars. He was obsessed to the point he was gone for long stretches of time, which particularly bothered Jillian since they have 3 kids. We're told it didn't help that Patrick wasn't making any money racing, although it would seem he's plenty rich from God knows how many seasons of "Grey's Anatomy."

Our sources say Patrick and Jillian have already reached a divorce settlement although it hasn't been filed with the court. Nevertheless, they're clearly not fully committed to the divorce.

It's also unclear how they will resolve the racing issue ... Patrick still has races scheduled.