Missy Elliott These 'WTF' Puppets Better Twerk!!!

11/12/2015 3:11 PM PST

Missy Elliott: These 'WTF' Puppets Better Twerk!!!


Missy Elliott's new "WTF" video stars some major divas -- the 6 high-priced look-alike puppets with booty-popping action.

TMZ got the WTF (where they from) on the marionettes from Furry Puppet Studio's creative director Zack Buchman ... who says Missy's camp called 3 months ago to order the cast. He wouldn't give up the exact cost, but said it's in the 6-figure range.

Part of the reason they're so expensive -- it took 2 months and a team of 5 to make 'em, with the faces alone taking 2 weeks. Zack says they had to add extra wires and re-engineer the hips for extra twerk-ability.

Don't look for 'em in your stocking this holiday season -- Zack says he's not mass producing, unless Missy and her label sign off.

The puppets come in 1:30 into the video, but the whole thing is dope ... from start to finish.