Cowboy Troy Jason Aldean's Still My Bro Blackface Pic 'Low Priority'

11/16/2015 12:50 AM PST

Cowboy Troy: Jason Aldean Is Still My Bro ... Blackface Pic 'Low Priority'


Jason Aldean's friends are standing by his side after the torrent of criticism for his blackface on Halloween ... he's even getting support from a big star in the African-American country community.

Cowboy Troy tells us he and Aldean have been buddies for quite some time ... and doesn't think the singer would ever intentionally be offensive to anyone.

As we previously reported, Aldean's reps says he dressed up as Lil Wayne on Halloween ... but they haven't addressed the blackface. 

The hick-hop singer says the gaffe is "low priority" on his radar, compared to bigger stuff going on in the world.