Janet Jackson Tween Dancers Steal Show ... And Make Bank Doing It!

12/2/2015 2:43 PM PST

Janet Jackson's Tween Dancers Stealing the Show and Making Bank Doing It!


Two of the biggest stars on Janet Jackson's Unbreakable tour went from popping 'n' locking on YouTube to being world traveling star dancers ... and they're only 12!! 

Kyndall Harris and Taylor Hatala signed on for the first leg of Janet's world tour -- a huge feather in the hat for any pro dancer, much less a couple of kids. 

They're making some decent coin for it too. According to their contracts, each girl's raking in close to $2k per week, so their haul will be about $20k ... just for the first leg.

There's a good chance they'll still be with Janet when the tour starts up again -- they're little showstealers.