Madylin Sweeten I Got Duped into Backing ... An Internet Soap

12/2/2015 12:30 AM PST

'Everybody Loves Raymond' Star Madylin Sweeten: I Got Duped into Backing an Internet Soap Opera


"Everybody Loves Raymond" star Madylin Sweeten claims she was the victim of a classic Hollywood bait and switch, and she's suing to get her money back.

According to a new lawsuit, Sweeten says Bryan James -- star and creator of an Internet soap called "Youthful Daze" -- approached her to appear in the new season, but also invest some cash into it as well. 

Sweeten -- who played daughter Ally on 'Raymond' -- says she wasn't crazy about the money part of the deal, but eventually agreed to fork over $28,020 if James gave her a say in all show decisions.

She says he agreed, but simply blew her off ... making casting and filming decisions without her consent. Sweeten says James later admitted he never intended to hand her the reins. She's looking to get her investment back, plus damages.

We're looking for anyone who's seen "Youthful Daze." Anyone?