Kylie Jenner & A$AP Rocky Dinner Date with Hefty Serving of Side-Eye

12/5/2015 7:39 AM PST

Kylie Jenner & A$AP Rocky: Dinner with a Serving of Side-Eye

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are sticking to their plan of giving each other some space -- and Kylie used hers to hang with A$AP Rocky at Art Basel on Friday night.

Kylie and A$AP did dinner together in Miami -- remember, they were also seen together just a few days after Tyga and Kylie had their 48 hour break-up. We're not saying anything's going on, but Kylie's eyes in the pic say plenty.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch ... Tyga hit up The Argyle in Hollywood without any chicks by his side after performing with Chris Brown. Kylie did come up though -- you gotta see his reaction to a female heckler.  

Yeah ... this "space" thing might be off to a rough start.