Kim & Kanye Gotta Buck Up to ... Get Baby Saint's Website

12/7/2015 1:10 PM PST

Kim and Kanye Gotta Buck Up to Get Baby Saint's Website


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby name, Saint, isn't all that original -- someone else already came up with it, and owns it on the Internet ... but is willing to strike a deal with mom and dad.

Saint West Filmworks is based out of San Diego and, of course, owns the domain and ALL multimedia rights to the name as well.

Co-founder Matt Jensen tells us he's amused Kim and Kanye decided to go with "Saint" ... especially since he just acquired the rights 3 months ago! Talk about great timing.

Jensen says his company has already done considerable branding and marketing, but is willing to work something out with the Wests for usage rights. Translation: money talks. 

In the meantime, Jensen thinks the coincidence will help drive traffic to his site. Cha-ching!