Rick Ross Rapper Pops Up at Mansion Gets Busted for Trespassing

12/8/2015 2:46 PM PST

Rick Ross: Rapper Shows Up on His Doorstep, Gets Busted for Trespassing


An aspiring rapper is claiming Rick Ross tricked him into getting arrested for trespassing after he tried to leave a mixtape on the rapper's doorstep. 

J. Luchiano tells TMZ he got a call from Ross' lawyer last week to set up a meeting at his office. Luchiano dropped off the tape 2 months ago, and says he thought this was going to be his big break.

Instead, when he got to the lawyer's office he was offered a glass of water before cops popped up and busted him. According to the police report, Luchiano hopped the fence on Rick's Atlanta area estate, and took photos and video of himself on the grounds, which he later posted online. Not so bright. 

He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing, and bailed out for $3,500. Luchiano claims he's innocent because he went up a side path, and did NOT jump a fence. 

Rick's security team is no joke -- they tell us they orchestrated the sting operation without even getting Ross involved.