'Star Wars' Premiere Security Force Awakens ... Random Searches in Hollywood

12/14/2015 11:15 AM PST

Security Force Awakens for 'Star Wars' Premiere ... Random Searches in Hollywood


Disney and LAPD are taking no chances for Monday night's massive 'Star Wars' premiere -- locking down a chunk of Hollywood with metal detectors and random searches.

LAPD and private security officers are already blanketing several square blocks around the famed Chinese Theatre, where 'The Force Awakens' event is going down. We've learned anyone strolling through the area could be searched, frisked, and even wanded with metal detectors.

Law enforcement sources tell us there's no specific threat, but they're using an "abundance of caution" with such a high profile event. While no one used the word "terrorism" ... it's clearly a concern.

We're told Disney is kicking in about $20,000 to hire extra LAPD officers ... plain clothed and uniformed. As one source puts it, with all the fans showing up, the 'Star Wars' premiere is going to be like a "mini Oscars" ... so better safe than sorry.