Star Wars Hunger Awakens But Chicken Wings Bring New Hope

12/10/2015 10:40 AM PST

Star Wars: The Hunger Awakens ... But Chicken Wings Bring New Hope


A short while ago, in this galaxy ...

It is a period of waiting. 'Star Wars' fans, awaiting 'The Force Awakens,' line up outside theaters in Hollywood.

During the wait, hunger consumes the 100 Jedi fans not able to leave their folding chairs, for fear of losing their place in line, some who have been there already for days.

Pursued by no one, Starlight Children's Foundation, a charity for terminally ill kids, reaches out to Buffalo Wild Wings for help.

Soon 100 orders of wings, roughly worth $1,000 are donated to those on Hollywood Blvd, along with Bourbon Honey Mustard, one of 16 delicious BWW sauces.

The wait continues but there is balance in fans' stomachs once more.