Azealia Banks Arrested for Biting Boob

12/17/2015 3:27 AM PST

Azealia Banks: Arrested For Biting Boob

Exclusive Details

7:00 AM PST -- According to the NY District Attorney, Banks has quite the bite ... causing redness, swelling, serious pain and bruising to the bouncer's right boob. Azealia also allegedly tried to punch the bouncer in the face. Azealia Banks was thrown in jail Tuesday night after allegedly biting a female nightclub bouncer in the boob because she didn't know Azealia was a big celebrity.

Azealia was at Up&Down nightclub when she tried to get into a party but didn't have an entry stamp. According to witnesses who spoke with the NY Post, Azealia pitched a fit, swearing and using racial slurs.

The manager decided to let Azealia in, but she wasn't done ... she started berating the bouncer for not knowing she was on Rihanna's upcoming album. For bad measure, she went back and spit in the guard's face.

As she was being escorted out, Azealia allegedly bit the guard in her boob and bit hard. She was arrested for assault and disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Azealia, who was released, went nuts in September on a flight, screaming homophobic slurs at a flight attendant.