TGT Ginuwine Broke Up With Us ... Right Before New Album

12/18/2015 12:32 PM PST

TGT: Ginuwine Broke Up With Us ... Right Before New Album


The demise of TGT was not Tyrese's idea -- as Ginuwine has made it seem -- but instead, it was Ginuwine who walked away, and it could cost the group millions.

Sources close to TGT tell us the plan was for Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank to hit the studio early next year to record their second album -- but just a few days ago, Ginuwine told them he wanted out of the group.

We're told he offered no explanation for his departure, and Tyrese and Tank were especially saddened by it because they owe their record label, Atlantic, two more albums -- and it wasn't easy to score that deal. 

Our sources say Tyrese only made the announcement public because he and Tank want to recruit a new member ASAP ... so their Atlantic deal won't be in jeopardy. We're told there's no personal beef with Ginuwine -- even though he's the one who split. It's strictly business.

So ... singer wanted.