Vegas Strip Crash Driver On Financial Skids for 2 Years

12/22/2015 12:50 AM PST

Vegas Strip Crash: Driver On Financial Skids for 2 Years


The woman who mowed down dozens of people has been in financial free fall for 2 years.

Lakeisha Holloway has not had a reliable place to live since January 2014 since she was evicted from her apartment in Washington state. TMZ obtained legal docs showing she was behind on rent and utilities and a judge ordered her out.

Family members tell TMZ they opened their homes to Lakeisha from time to time in the last 2 years, but she never had a permanent place to live.  

Lakeisha has lived a nomadic life ... we're told she had just been in Texas to visit her 3-year-old daughter's baby daddy and told her family she was going through Vegas on her way back to Oregon to see if there were work opportunities.

As we reported, she told police she was not able to get a decent night's sleep in Vegas during the week preceding the crash, because she was sleeping in her car and kept getting kicked off hotel property.