Teresa Giudice Jailhouse Makeover Before Release

12/23/2015 9:24 AM PST

Teresa Giudice: Jailhouse Makeover Before Release


Teresa Giudice learned some mad makeup skills behind bars, because we found out she did her own makeup in her dank cell.

We found out Teresa went to the commissary and bought a bunch of stuff. Turns out the shelves are stocked with glam products, including:

-- powder foundation

-- rustic lip gloss

-- coco butter lotion

-- Wet n Wild face products

-- mini brown eyeliner

-- gold coral lip gloss

By the way, the commissary has better prices than Target ... foundations go for $4 a pop, coco butter runs $2.90 and lip gloss is a very reasonable $3. 

Teresa's cell has a mirror ... not lit for TV, but it did the trick.

And we're told, Teresa applied it herself. We're guessing she has more experience than most of the other inmates.