Chris Brown Accuser She Goes After Celebs Who Piss Her Off ... Just Ask Jason Derulo

1/3/2016 1:00 AM PST

Chris Brown Accuser: She Goes After Celebs Who Piss Her Off ... Just Ask Jason Derulo (VIDEO)


Chris Brown's new accuser has a history of hurling allegations against celebs who anger her ... case in point, she took aim at Jason Derulo after he refused to take her to a Hollywood afterparty.

Our photog shot this video back in August and as you can see, Liziane Gutierrez was bitter Jason left a Hollywood club in a party bus with her friends but left her on the street.

She said at the time the girls who went to the house were subjected to something bad ... bad enough to make them cry. She claimed Jason wanted them to do things they didn't want to do, and they refused.

We communicated with Liziane Saturday, and she asked us not to run the video, saying all she wanted to do was talk about her new allegations that Chris Brown hit her in the eye in a Vegas club, something Brown's people vehemently deny. They say she made up the story after getting kicked out of the party. 

We repeatedly asked Liziane for specifics about what the women at the Derulo party told her, but she wouldn't say.

Brown's reps say the latest allegation is retaliation for a bruised ego.