Lana Del Rey Testifies These Girls Are Going to Hurt Me

1/6/2016 1:39 PM PST

Lana Del Rey Testifies: These Girls Are Going to Hurt Me


Lana Del Rey scored a big victory in court Wednesday after she took the stand, and told the judge a pair of female fans are verbally threatening her to the point she's terrified it could get physical.

Lana testified in her effort to extend a restraining order against Nataliia Krinitsyna and Iuliia Vladimirovna ... 2 women Lana says have hunted her down all over town.

On the stand, Lana said "the girls caused a big scene screaming at me" during a routine trip to her bank. She's also said they put letters in her mailbox threatening suicide and other violent acts.

Lana said in court today ... that what she finds "most disturbing" is that even after she moved to get away from the pair, they tracked her down at the new house and waited on the street for her. She said that after she reported them to police she got a message on Instagram saying, "You're a f**king bitch."

The judge was convinced ... granting Lana a restraining order against them for 3 years, the max amount. They must stay 150 yards away from her and her assistants.