Chi Chi From 'Scarface' Arrested for Paying Only $31 ... In Child Support

1/11/2016 10:39 AM PST

Chi Chi From 'Scarface' Arrested For Only Paying $31 In Child Support


Angel Salazar, who played Chi Chi in "Scarface," was picked up by Arizona cops right after his stand-up comedy gig ... for failing to pay child support. 

We're told the cops were waiting for Angel in his green room when he wrapped up at the Laugh Factory in Scottsdale. 

According to legal docs, Angel had only paid $31 of an outstanding $5,000 child support tab. His baby mama filed the complaint  years ago for the missing dough.

Angel was cuffed and transported to Maricopa County jail, where he was booked Sunday night. He's still in custody and due in court Wednesday.