Powerball 'Hookers and Coke' Guy Has a New Dream

1/14/2016 12:40 AM PST

Powerball: 'Hookers and Cocaine' Guy ... I've Got a New Dream


The Internet's favorite Powerball player took another swing at the jackpot, but instead of "a bunch of hookers and cocaine" ... he's hoping to buy something much less self-indulgent.

Isaac Carranza is the Nevada resident whose hysterically blunt response to a reporter went viral last week. He tells us he wasn't being serious because -- plot twist -- he's married with 2 children.   

Carranza, an army vet who served in Afghanistan, says his wife didn't freak out when she saw the video -- she gets his twisted sense of humor.   

This time around, he bought $20 worth of tickets for the drawing in hopes of being able to take care of his mother and improve Salinas, CA ... the town where he grew up. Definitely not as entertaining as sex and drugs, but way sweeter. 

Carranza did joke he might score some marijuana. Well, we think he was joking.