Ruby Rose Awesome DJ Diva!!!

1/17/2016 12:50 AM PST

Ruby Rose: Total DJ Diva!!!


Ruby Rose has a hit TV show, 3 movies in the works, but it hasn't stopped her from making a killing as a DJ.

We're told Ruby pocketed $30k for her Thursday night set at Heat Ultra Lounge in the OC ... plus she got another $5k for luxury incidentals, including 2 large SUVs -- either Escalades or a BMW 7 series ... no older than 2014. 

Ruby gets a suite and 3 additional rooms for her posse at a 5-star hotel. 

Dressing room perks include sushi, fresh fruit, raw veggies, almonds and popcorn.

- 3 bottles of hand sanitizer   
- 2 packs of Philosophy face wipes
- Fresh cut flowers and vanilla scented candles
- 6 non-alcoholic beers  
- 4 bottles of Suja juice   
- 2 bottles of OJ
- 12 bottles San Pellegrino sparkling water    
- 1 case Balance Travel Water
- 1 bottle Patron tequila
- 12 pack of Red Stripe 

We're told it took a promoter an entire day to track down the Balance Travel Water because it's so hard to find.