Lady Gaga My Wardrobe's More High Maintenance Than Me

12/26/2015 1:00 AM PST

Lady Gaga: My Wardrobe Is More High Maintenance Than I Am


It's no secret Lady Gaga is into over-the-top fashion ... but the singer's picky demands for her wardrobe when it's on the road will blow you away. 

TMZ got hold of Gaga's hotel rider for her 'artRave' tour, and her clothes get better treatment than most people. For starters, her duds get their own suite.

Gaga's wardrobe room calls for the space to be "completely emptied of all furniture, beds, tables, desks ... anything not permanently attached to the walls or floor to be removed."

The room must be tricked out with 4 rolling wardrobe racks, accompanied by 30 hangers (with and without clips), an iron and board, a Jiffy clothing steamer and four 6-foot banquet tables covered in linen.

Hotel guests and employees who are offended by nudity ... too bad!  Gaga's rider makes no bones about it ...  "Please ensure the group is not asked to adhere to any dress code which your hotel might have."  

Gaga and her clothes also get secret service-level protection. Her team sends security detail to the hotel to sweep it 2 days prior to her arrival. 

We read the whole thing ... she does NOT require a meat locker ... so 2010.