Ian Ziering I'm a Travel Agent Now!!

2/3/2016 10:49 AM PST

Ian Ziering: I'm a Travel Agent Now!!!


"Beverly Hills, 90210" alum Ian Ziering is expanding his zip code and going global ... he's a travel agent now!

Ziering just launched his new venture CelebrityHideaways.com, a site that'll help the average Joe travel, stay and eat like a celebrity ... his rep tells TMZ. 

The site features fancy hotels and resorts frequented by lots of celebs, from Beyonce and Jay Z to George and Amal. Ziering and his team have a goal ... vacation like a celeb without paying celeb prices.

Ziering's new gig may seem super random, but we're told Ian's had an entrepreneurial itch since his time on last season's 'Celebrity Apprentice.'

Fun fact: Ziering's old '90210' co-star Tori Spelling also just took a career turn ... she's the face of a pay-by-the-minute psychic hotline.