Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna's Inspired Me To Become a Mogul

2/14/2016 1:00 AM PST

Rob Kardashian: Blac Chyna's Inspired Me to Become a Mogul


Turns out Rob Kardashian is getting his waist AND his business in line, because we've learned his new plan is to have his body and yours covered in Arthur George garments.

We've learned Rob filed legal docs to expand production on his Arthur George sock line to include belts, booties, coats, dresses, gloves, headwear, jackets, leggings, tuxedos, swimwear and underwear.

The timing is interesting ... Rob and Chyna began hooking up in January ... days before the docs were filed. It looks like Blac Chyna has been an inspiration for Rob on several fronts.

Rob has nursed his sock company along for years, but now he's going full bore.

Hey ... she's not bad for advertising.