Kim Richards Prosecutor Says Nail Her She's a Heel!!!!

2/24/2016 11:02 AM PST

Kim Richards: Prosecutor Says Nail Her ... She's a Heel!!!


Kim Richards was called on the courtroom carpet Wednesday for stepping out on a red carpet with high heels.

Kim has not performed her community labor for her public intoxication conviction -- her excuse is that she suffered a foot injury which prevents her from working.  

But prosecutors blasted her in court, claiming if she's so injured why are there photos of her on a red carpet with high heels? 

Good point, said the judge.

Kim was sentenced to 30 days community labor in her case. The judge has ordered her to come back to court June 1, and either prove she's enrolled in a community labor program or submit a doctor's note explaining why she can't.

We couldn't find the red carpet photo, but we did get this photo of Kim in heels over the holidays.