Samantha Hoopes Destroys 20 Burgers For Carl's Jr. Sequel

3/3/2016 3:55 PM PST

Samantha Hoopes Destroys 20 Burgers for Carl's Jr. Sequel


Samantha Hoopes sucked down a ton of meat for her encore performance as a smoking hot burger loving babe in one of those iconic Carl's Jr. ads.

We're told the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model just finished shooting her follow up spot to last year's 4th of July themed one. It was a 2 day shoot in Ecuador, and the script called for her to hose down a sports car, then take a healthy bite.

The belly busting twist -- there were at least 20 takes which means Samantha bit into 20 of the new burgers -- which our spies say features a lot of onion rings. And yes ... we're told she actually swallowed the food on many of the takes. 

The only bad news is the ad might only air in Central and South America. Thank God for the Internet.