Katt Williams Sprung from Jail ... But On a Short Leash

3/9/2016 3:16 PM PST

Katt Williams: Sprung from Jail ... But On Short Leash

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Katt Williams got out of a Georgia jail cell -- even though prosecutors fought hard to have him held without bail -- but the judge put several restrictions on his release.

During Katt's bond hearing prosecutors hit him with 2 new charges -- marijuana and firearm possession, both felonies -- and argued the comedian should be held behind bars. He'd already been charged with terror threats and false imprisonment for allegedly directing others to choke and hold his bodyguard, Corey Dixon, hostage.

The judge released him on a $60k bond -- and ordered Katt to stay away from drugs, alcohol and guns.

In court, prosecutors said Katt and his crew shaved off Corey's beard while holding him and threatening to kill him. As part of his release ... Katt must also stay away from the bodyguard, and surrender his passport.

No more international gigs, at least for now.