T.I. & Tiny Chef Bolted with Our Dough ... And Hors D'oeuvres!!!

3/9/2016 11:01 AM PST

T.I. & Tiny: Chef Bolted with Our Dough and Hors D'oeuvres!!


Tiny's recent baby shower was almost ruined when one of her chefs stormed off with the food ... after the guy showed up tardy to the party.

Tiny tells TMZ Chef Kool was hired to handle appetizers but showed up 2 hours late and began complaining the main course chef was hogging all the kitchen space.

After an argument, Chef K took off with the apps. Tiny and T.I. had put down a $1k deposit, but Kool bolted with the other half of his fee, but more importantly ... he took his Hennessy chicken wings! Yes, that was on the menu.

Chef K claims he only stormed off because event planners told him he wouldn't be getting paid since it was a privilege to cook for celebs like T.I. and Tiny. Tiny says they absolutely paid the deposit.

Tiny says she's furious Kool tried to ruin her shower, but ultimately everything was okay -- even without appetizers -- since the other chef's meal was delicious.

It's Tiny's 3rd kid with T.I. She's due this April.