Jerry Seinfeld Used Car Salesman ... Hauls in $22 Million

3/15/2016 9:16 AM PDT

Jerry Seinfeld: Used Car Salesman Hauls in $22 Million

Jerry Seinfeld didn't quite hit the $28 million mark his rare Porsches were expected to make at auction, but he unloaded a VW Beetle for $121k! So, there's that.

All told, Jerry pulled in $22.2 million from selling 17 cars through the Gooding & Company auction -- and there were some deals to be had. Seinfeld's '73 Porsche 917 was a steal at $3 mil, since it was expected to fetch more than twice that.

Jerry introduced his car collection during the auction ... and 4 of his finished in the top 10 in sales, highlighted by his 1955 Porsche 550, which raked in a record $5,335,000. His Beetle sale was also a record.