Richard Simmons Cops Say He, Not the Maid, Runs His Life

3/15/2016 10:16 AM PDT

Richard Simmons: Cops Say He, Not the Maid, Runs His Life


Richard Simmons is A-OK -- not depressed, impaired or being held hostage by his maid  ... that's what LAPD cops think.

Our law enforcement sources point to a welfare check they had with Simmons in January 2015, after one of his estranged friends called the cops and reported elder abuse.  

LAPD sources say they have been called recently to return to Simmons' house and check again, but they feel if they do it again it would constitute harassment. They add nothing has changed ... Simmons is fine, and just wants to be left alone.

The cops say they asked Simmons about cutting his friends completely out of his life. He responded that he only cut out people who were "not close friends."  Simmons showed the cops his address book with a list of people with whom he still had daily contact, and invited them to call for themselves. The cops declined.

As for recent reports that Simmons' housekeeper was holding him hostage, our law enforcement sources say when they were at the house, after interviewing both separately, they were clear she is fiercely loyal to him but "he's the boss."

Richard told cops the housekeeper is indeed the gatekeeper at the house, but he instructs her on who's allowed in and who isn't.

As for letting his business fail by his absence, Richard told cops he had "plenty of money" and it didn't matter to him, although he added he was doing what was necessary to keep it afloat.

We asked our sources if cops asked if the housekeeper had any hooks in Richard financially. We're told cops did not ask the question, but felt he was "good to her." We're told Richard bought the woman a home years ago for $175,000. It's now worth around $700k.