Senator Ted Cruz Taken to the Mat for Yoga Theft

3/17/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Senator Ted Cruz: Taken to the Mat for Yoga Theft


Ted Cruz just folded like a cheap suit after being threatened by -- get this -- some yoga guys.

Breathe Yoga Wear went after the candidate for hawking a yoga mat called "Breathe" -- a play on his jab at Trump during a recent Republican debate.

Turns out the company owns the "Breathe" yoga franchise, so it challenged the Harvard Law grad, threatening to haul his butt into court if he didn't back down.

Cruz, who had been selling the mat on his campaign website, may stand up to Trump, but he went all downward dog, yanking the "Breathe" branding from public view.

So now he's just selling plain yoga mats. Not a bad plan B if the whole campaign thing doesn't work out.