'Modern Family' Creator Steve Levitan Divorce Turns Ugly

3/21/2016 1:38 PM PDT

'Modern Family' Creator Steve Levitan: Divorce Turns Ugly


"Modern Family" creator Steve Levitan's divorce has turned ugly, with his wife running to court trying to get an order blocking him from coming near the family house.

Levitan's wife, Krista, filed for divorce in January, and he now claims her lawyer has adopted a "scorched earth" policy that is ruining his reputation. He says they have so many millions of dollars that will be split there's no need for the animosity that has bubbled to the surface.

But Krista is going full bore, claiming to a judge Steve has been abusive and asking for a restraining order. She says he's come to the family house uninvited and has angrily harassed her.

Levitan denies any abuse, saying in legal docs, "I have never assaulted my wife. I have never threatened to assault my wife. These allegations are abusive, false and an attempt to smear my name and reputation."

The judge denied the restraining order but the case continues.

There's a lot of money on the line. According to financial docs filed with the court, Levitan grosses $2.4 million a month.