Beyonce Cousin Gives 50,000 Rigor Mortis In Funeral Photo

3/22/2016 1:15 PM PDT

Beyonce: Cousin Gives 50,000 Rigor Mortis in Funeral Photo

Beyonce's cousin has set Black Twitter and her Instagram on fire.

Kristin Douglas lived a quiet life until her Uncle Skip died last week. She ran into Beyonce at his funeral, and strategically posed for what could have been a singer's inspiration for a song called ... say, "Bootylicious."

Kristin's now famous, and her Instagram following swelled from 2k to 53k in a matter of days.

As for Black Twitter, it's ablaze with admiration ... some even daring to say she eclipses Beyonce.

One admirer wrote, "Good Lord, Beyonce's cousin is thicker than racial tensions." 

True that.