Randy Meisner He's Going to Drink Himself to Death ... Claims 'Friend'

3/31/2016 12:20 AM PDT

Randy Meisner: He's Going to Drink Himself to Death ... Claims 'Friend'


Randy Meisner is an alcoholic with serious mental health issues, and the people closest to him are only enabling his downward spiral ... according to a family friend.

James Newton filed docs to get a temporary conservator appointed by the court to care for the ex Eagles rocker -- specifically someone specializing in mental health. 

Newton's filing includes medical documents saying Meisner has a history of consuming about a pint of vodka per day. He believes Randy's risk of doing harm to himself has been greatly increased since the death of his wife.

Newton -- who tried to become Randy's conservator last year -- says he's not lobbying for the role this time around ... he's just worried Randy will put unqualified friends in the position.  

As we've reported, Randy's filed his own docs to appoint a friend and business manager as conservators.