Weedmaps Wages War on Competing Pot Co. You're Just a Clone, Dude

4/11/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Weedmaps Wages War on Other Pot Co. ... You're Just a Clone, Dude


Weedmaps -- a map locator for pot dispensaries -- wants some serious green from a rival potter.

Weedmaps claims a company called Where's Weed has gained access to its client info, tricking dispensaries into coughing up login info that would allow Where's Weed to sync up the pot menus.

For you non potheads, that means Where's Weed would get a glimpse into the services Weedmaps provides and then try to steal business.

What's more, Weedmaps believes the logo Where's Weed is using confuses customers ... especially those under the influence.

WM claims it's lost more than $5k in the last 12 months ... roughly a lb of high quality cheebah.

We reached out to Where's Weed ... so far no word back.