50 Cent Let's Make a Deal ... A $23 Million One!

4/12/2016 9:05 AM PDT

50 Cent Submits $23 Million Plan to Get Out of Bankruptcy


50 Cent has a plan to satisfy some of the creditors in his bankruptcy case -- and it involves him forking over $23 million.

50 and his lawyers submitted their plan to a bankruptcy judge, and according to the docs ... he will pay the $23 mil over the next 5 years.

The money will be spread out over his many, many, many creditors. In the docs, he mentions settlement amounts with 3 of the biggest ones. The plan is for Sleek Audio to get $17.3 million and SunTrust Bank's in for about $4.9 mil. Meanwhile, Lastonia Leviston -- who got a $7 million judgment in the sex tape case -- has settled on $6 million. 

In addition to the $23 million commitment, 50 says he's liquidating some assets to cover the debts.

This still has to be approved, but at least he's got a plan.