Tom Cruise Movie Death Untrained Pilot Killed My Husband ... Widow Sues

4/15/2016 6:00 PM PDT

Widow of Tom Cruise Movie Pilot Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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The widow of a pilot killed on the set of Tom Cruise's Pablo Escobar movie says her husband only died because the filmmakers put his life in the hands of an incompetent flier.

Alan Purwin, a veteran Hollywood stunt pilot, was working closely with Cruise on "Mena" last year. He was a passenger onboard a small plane that went down in the Colombian jungle on the last day of filming.

Kathryn Purwin is suing Cross Creek Pictures, the film's producer, saying Carlos Berl -- the man at the stick when the plane went down -- didn't have the "necessary skills" and had no business flying the aircraft. Berl was also killed in the crash.

Kathryn wants damages and funeral expenses from Cross Creek.