Slain 'Cops' Crew Member Family Sues Over Fatal Shootout

2/26/2016 7:48 AM PST

Slain 'Cops' Crew Member: Family Sues Over Fatal Shootout

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The family of the "COPS" cameraman who was killed on the job is suing the city of Omaha for wrongful death.

Bryce Dion was part of the crew trailing Omaha PD officers in August 2014 when they responded to an armed robbery in a Wendy's. Dion was killed by friendly fire ... an officer firing back at the suspect accidentally shot Dion

Dave Domina, the attorney for Bryce's family, says ... "I don't think Bryce Dion signed up for the risk of being shot by a police officer."

In the suit, the family says police were negligent because they didn't give Bryce adequate training, supervision or protection.

Three Omaha officers involved in the shooting have already been cleared of criminal wrongdoing.