David Hasselhoff No More Alimony!!! I Want to Retire

4/18/2016 1:00 AM PDT

David Hasselhoff Wants to Retire, Asks Judge For No More Alimony!


David Hasselhoff wants time on the beach -- for retirement, not "Baywatch" -- but an obstacle is standing in his way ... his ex-wife.

The Hoff filed legal docs asking a judge to cut off all spousal support to Pamela Bach, whom he divorced in 2006. David's been paying Pam $21,000 a month for nearly 10 years, and he says she's made absolutely no effort to become self-supporting.

David tells the judge he's getting to the age where retirement should be looming, but he says that can't happen with a gigantic, monthly alimony nut.

The 63-year-old says he's looting his retirement account because his monthly gross -- $112,000 -- is not enough to cover his expenses and spousal support.

David says Pam, who's 52, is a talented actor and producer and could easily get a job.