Beyonce Anti-Bey Anchor Blocks Bey's World Tour Video

4/25/2016 12:50 AM PDT

Beyonce: Anti-Bey Anchor Blocks Bey's World Tour Video


Tomi Lahren, the web anchor who went viral for bashing Beyonce's Super Bowl performance, won't bow down to Queen Bey ... she's refusing to license her clip for Bey's Formation world tour.

Beyonce's camp sent a letter to Tomi and TheBlaze, the network that produces Tomi's show, asking for the rights to use the first 30 seconds of her rant.

The letter was sent late last month, stating they'd probably only use Tomi's audio but video was a possibility as well. Tomi's answer was short and sweet -- no.

Tomi received death threats over her blistering comments about Bey's black power halftime show. For those who missed it ... she's argued Bey ripped off the historical band-aid on America's civil rights movement by promoting the Black Panthers, which Tomi called a terrorist group.

Someone needs to give Tomi a lesson about PR ... it's almost always good.