Angela Simmons I'm NOT Saying I'm Not Pregnant

5/13/2016 3:35 PM PDT

Angela Simmons Responds to Pregnancy Rumors


Angela Simmons is definitely knocked up, or she at least wants everyone to keep THINKING she is ... based on what she just told our photog.

We got Rev. Run's daughter at LAX on Friday afternoon and asked her to clear up all the buzz around her belly. The rumors went off the charts in the last 24 hours for 2 reasons. First, she was out in L.A. on Thursday sporting what some people think is a baby bump starter kit.

Secondly, in the video she posted of herself doing the running man challenge ... she kept her back turned to the camera. Again, conspiracy theorists think she's trying to keep her pregnancy under wraps.

What she told us Friday won't calm things down ... which might be the point.