Prince Dueling TV Specials Siblings at War

5/17/2016 1:00 AM PDT

Prince: Dueling TV Specials ... Siblings at War


Prince's siblings are now in a battle royale over how to market their late brother ... and make money in the process.

We've learned more than a dozen lawyers representing Prince's 6 siblings have been at each other's throats, competing for ways to get money for their clients ... and quickly.

Our sources say 3 and possibly 4 of the siblings and their lawyers have put together a TV package, with major music producers and famous artists who will perform Prince songs for a 2 hour TV special set to air in August.  

The plan is to make the 6 siblings co-producers, which will give them enough money to tide them over as the bank running the estate figures out how to dole out the cash.

Here's the conflict. We're told Tyka and at least one other sibling is not on board ... she wants to produce her own special and control it.

The other siblings are enraged Tyka gets to live rent free in a house Prince owned ... a house on which the bank is still paying the mortgage and home-related expenses. The siblings feel they too should get comparable support, but they're getting nothing ... thus their idea for the TV special.

One source connected with the negotiations tells us, the lawyers met last week and "it's gotten really nasty. No one can agree on anything."