Ray J Naomi Judd Said Grits Are 'Slave Food'

5/18/2016 3:01 PM PDT

Ray J: Naomi Judd Said Grits Are 'Slave Food'

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Ray J is making serious accusations about Naomi Judd and grits -- namely, that she called the Southern dish ... "slave food."

Ray was on his way to the set of "My Kitchen Rules" when he described the alleged incident. Check out the video because what he has to say is incredibly shocking, if true.

As we reported ... Judd very openly said she didn't want to be on the cooking competition show once she found out her co-stars were people like Ray J, Brandi Glanville and Andrew "Dice" Clay.

Ray says he was disappointed to hear that's how Judd feels. As for the grits incident, he adds it definitely "smells like some racism."

We've reached out to Naomi's camp. We'll let you know as soon as we hear back.