Zika Virus Entrepreneurs Gunning for Zillions

5/23/2016 12:40 AM PDT

Zika Virus: Entrepreneurs Gunning for Zillions


For every epidemic, you'll find someone trying to make a quick buck, and now some hucksters are capitalizing on the Zika scare by flooding the market with "lifesaving" swag.  

At least 6 people filed legal docs to lock down merchandising rights for Zika prevention kits. The products are all about mosquito repellents, including:

- Zika Shield: mosquito nets; particularly nets adapted to be mounted onto an umbrella

- Zika Screen: insect screens for use in building construction

- Zika Trap: insect traps

- Bye Bye Zika: mosquito repellent coils

- Anti Zika: cedar wood for use as an insect repellent; insect repellent tags for pets; mosquito repellent incense 

- Zika Band: insect repellent wristband 

Judge all you want ... there's a good chance these quick thinkers will rake in the dough.