UCLA Shooting Two Dead After Murder-Suicide ... Cops Confirm

6/1/2016 10:20 AM PDT

UCLA Shooting: Two Dead After Murder Suicide ... Cops Confirm

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12:10 PM PST -- Law enforcement just confirmed the incident was a murder-suicide. There are no other victims or suspects.Someone has opened fire on campus at UCLA ... and police are scrambling to find the suspect or suspects. 

The entire campus is on lockdown right now, and firefighters are on scene to treat victims. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... 2 people have been killed, both male and in their 40s. We're also told one operating theory is this was a murder-suicide ... but police are still searching the campus as they're getting flooded with reports of other suspects. 

The shooting reportedly happened near Boelter Hall -- and our sources say police have snipers in place on campus, and on police choppers, as the search continues for the shooter or shooters. 

Police are trying to evacuate anyone outside of classes ... while students in classrooms are barricading themselves and laying on the ground with the lights off.