Ed Sheeran Sued You Jacked 'Photograph' ... We're Picturing $20 Mil

6/8/2016 12:24 PM PDT

Ed Sheeran Sued: You Jacked 'Photograph' ... We're Picturing $20 Million

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Ed Sheeran's hit song "Photograph" is a total rip-off ... according to a new lawsuit filed by two songwriters. 

According to legal docs, Sheeran's "Photograph" blatantly copied huge chunks from the song "Amazing," written by Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard for 'X Factor' season 7 winner Matt Cardle.

Interesting to note ... the songwriters hired the same attorneys that won a $7.4 million judgment against Robin Thicke and Pharrell's "Blurred Lines."

They're suing for copyright infringement and seeking more than $20 million in damages.

We reached out to Sheeran for a comment ... so far no word back.