Bieber Brawler I Wanted an Autograph ... Not a Street Fight!

6/9/2016 2:18 PM PDT

Justin Bieber Brawler: I Wanted an Autograph, Not a Street Fight!

Justin Bieber's street fight erupted over chicks and autographs ... at least according to a guy who's claiming he's the one who went toe-to-toe with Bieber.

Lamont Richmond, a 6'5" Cleveland local, is taking credit for taking down Justin -- and explaining his take of what led up to the brawl. Just like Bieber, Lamont looks no worse for wear in the video he posted.

Check out the clip ... he makes it sound like it all could've been settled if Justin signed something.

We can't confirm Lamont really is THE GUY ... but it would be odd to lie about fighting Justin. Hardly earns you a CSD (Certified Street Dude).